In Command Prompt and PowerShell, I can invoke executables without the file extensions (e.g., notepad note.txt vs notepad.exe note.txt). To reproduce this behavior in WSL, my first thought was just to alias every .exe I might want to use, but that is inconvenient.

I did a little digging into the behavior when a command is not found, and I discovered a convenient solution. Bash runs the function command_not_found_handle when a command is not found, so I set a custom command_not_found_handle in my .bashrc to retry the command with the .exe extension added.

command_not_found_handle() {
	# Check for .exe extension
	if grep -Eiq '\.exe$' <<< "$1"; then
		$CNF_PATH -- "$1"
		# Retry with .exe extension
		"$1.exe" "${@:2}"
	return $?